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Oakland Hard Money Rehab Loan Funding

Chris Goulart

This project is a hard money rehab loan in Oakland that we secured funding for.  We were able to secure a loan amount for 75% of the purchase price, while deferring the majority of the fees until the sale of the property (or payoff of the loan).

The property was purchased for below market value.  There were no major structural repairs needed.  Most of the repairs needed were cosmetic in nature and included upgrading the kitchen, including adding new cabinets and installing granite counter tops.  In addition the bathrooms were in need of upgrading.

The repairs were anticipated to be done within 30 days, ensuring that this property would be back on the market quickly.

Oakland Hard Money

For rehab investors who have access to capital and do not require the most aggressive loan amount possible, this is an excellent product. Funding at 75% of the purchase price is more aggressive than most typical hard money loans, while the ability to defer a majority of the closing costs until the payoff of the loan allows investors to get in with a minimum amount of expense.  In addition, these rehab loans have no lender doc fees, nor admin, processing or other junk fees.

You can learn more about these loans and other products for real estate fix and flip investors on our California hard money rehab loans page.

Chris Goulart specializes in creative private money solutions secured by real estate throughout California. The private hard money loans he works with are typically funded by individuals and groups outside the more traditional banking industry. He has specialized in private hard money loans for over a decade and is fully licensed both at the state level, through the DRE, as well as the national level, through the NMLS.