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We specialize in facilitating hard money loans in California. We can help in most areas of California, and have hard money loan programs available for most property types.

For real estate transactions that fall outside the box, hard money is often times an excellent option to explore – especially in today’s tightened lending environment.

We have spent years building personal relationships with hard money lenders and private investors. Our relationships allow us to fund many loans that others simply cannot. Due to the personal nature of hard money lending, we can look past the issues that may preclude institutional financing. By building a package that highlights the strengths of your transaction we can put together a loan that makes sense. If the loan makes sense, chances are we can help you obtain funding.

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Hard Money Loan Guidelines

Most of our loans are for between one and five years in term, although exceptions are not uncommon. While most of our loans are interest only, we do also offer amortized loans where the payments consist of both interest and principal.

Rates on our hard money programs can fall within a wide range.  There are many factors that impact pricing.  Giving us a call to discuss your scenario is always the best way to get information on pricing.  We have some attractive terms these days, with rates that can start in the low to mid single digits.

For land loans, construction lending or rehab transactions the rates can vary outside of this range, an are usually going to be in the high single digits to low double digits.

Turn times on our loans will range anywhere between one to four weeks. We do have the ability to close very quickly in some situations, in some cases as little as three days, while other transactions can take longer. Each transaction is unique, and once we have the opportunity to review your specific deal we will be better able to quote turn times for your hard money transaction.

Maximum loan to value can vary by transaction. For fix and flip or rehab loans, we can use the after repair value (ARV) up to 75%. On purchase transactions we can offer loans of up to 80% of the as is value, capping out at a max of 90% of the purchase price. In addition, we do have private money long term fixed loans.  These are 30 year fixed loans – and we can offer these on both residential and commercial property.

Credit is typically not a major factor in our hard money lending. While we do require a credit report in a file, we are more concerned about what is in it than your credit score. While credit is not a deciding factor, excellent credit can help us secure more advantageous terms for you.

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Hard Money Lending Areas

We are able to help provide hard money financing for most areas of California.

Although we can help with your hard money requests throughout the state, there are some cities and counties that often times allow us to have added flexibility when it comes to funding. Some of these areas include:

Contra Costa County Hard Money Loans

We have many resources for hard money secured by property in Contra Costa. In cities like Danville, Alamo, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Concord, Pleasant Hill and other local areas out to East Contra Costa cities like Brentwood, Antioch, Discovery Bay and Oakley we can help secure hard money loans.

Alameda County Hard Money Loans

In Alameda County we have expanded lending criteria in many cities including Fremont, Berkeley, Oakland, Dublin, Livermore and Pleasanton to name a few. We work with many clients in these areas who are undertaking successful rehab transactions. In addition, we have funded many commercial and residential loans in these areas.

San Francisco County Hard Money Loans

San Francisco is one of the most solid areas with regards to stable real estate values. Due to this we can often times get more aggressive in our loan to value ratios, or with regards to rates and terms, when putting together San Francisco hard money loans.

Santa Clara County Hard Money Loans

Silicone Valley is one of the most desirable areas of California. With cities such as Los Gatos and Mountain View home to some of the largest tech companies in the world, it is no wonder our investors have a good appetite for lending secured by property in this area. This is another area where our guidelines can be expanded with potentially higher loan to value ratios considered not only on improved property but on land as well. Saragoga, Campbell, Morgan Hill, Los Altos and other neighboring cities are well within our hard money lending area!

San Mateo County Hard Money Loans

San Mateo County rounds out our immediate Bay Area lending region. With cities such as South San Francisco, Atherton, Belmont and Burlingame we likely have hard money loan programs that fit your needs.

Sacramento County Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans in Sacramento and the surrounding areas have started to pick up recently. We have a lot of investor money for this area of California that we are looking to place.

San Diego County Hard Money Loans

We have a number of investors in and around the San Diego area. We can help with all hard money loan requests in this area, but in particular the hard money rehab loans we can offer in San Diego and the surrounding areas can be more aggressive than in some other locations. We can help secure funding based on an after repair value, and typically will send an investor out directly to the property to personally inspect it and the surrounding comps.

Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside County

In these areas we also have a large number of local investors looking to place funds in hard money loans. We can help secure funding for most hard money loan requests in these areas for most types of property. Whether it is residential, commercial, land or a unique property type, we can likely help with your request.

We can help in most locations throughout California.
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