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One fact of hard money is that the rates are not comparable to bank rates. Oftentimes our clients have existing bank loans with excellent terms, but still need to access the equity in their property. In these situations, our California hard money seconds can assist.

Our hard money seconds allow clients to keep their existing loan and terms. We simply make a hard money loan in second position, subordinate to the existing loan. This can be beneficial in multiple ways.

By keeping an existing loan that may have a lower interest rate than we can offer, our clients can save money on their monthly payments. In addition, by not refinancing the existing loan, our clients can save money on fees.

Our hard money seconds are typically short-term loans, 1-3 years, although we can put together longer terms if needed. They are usually interest only loans, and are for business purpose. We do not make hard money seconds for consumer purposes. Common uses of funds for our California hard money seconds include purchasing additional investment property, business expansion, making improvements to existing investment property – as well as many other uses.

In addition to hard money seconds, we can also help with hard money thirds and hard money lines of credit on a case by case basis.

Our hard money seconds and thirds are equity based. Typically speaking we can go up to 65% loan to value, although sometimes we can go higher. Funding time is swift, with some loans funding in as little as 5-10 business days.

We can help with hard money seconds throughout California. Our hard money seconds can be secured by most property type – with the exception of raw land. We can help secure subordinate hard money funding for residential, commercial, mulit-family, industrial and other property types throughout the state.

If you are needing to access equity in your property, but do not want to refinance your existing loan, give us a call today at 877 462 3422. We are always happy to discuss your specific loan scenario and options we can provide to help.

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