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Are you searching for a California hard money rehab loan for a fix and flip project?

We have loan programs that will lend based on the after repair value (ARV) of a property rather than the purchase price. Often times we are able to fund the full purchase price, sometimes even more, depending on the location and after repair loan to value. Learn more in this short video explaining our California hard money rehab loans program:

Our rehab loans can be structured in a few different ways. One of the most popular structures includes funding for the purchase, plus funds for the rehab and interest payments.

On these rehab loans we will cap out at 65% of the after repair value (ARV). A builders control account will be set up for the work that needs to be done and draws can be taken as needed to do the rehab. Typically speaking we will require pictures or videos of the work being done throughout the release process.

In addition there will typically be 4-6 months of interest impounded, so you will have no payments for the first 4-6 months. These funds are not guaranteed to the investor, so if you pay the loan off before this reserve is used you would get the remaining funds back.

These loans carry no prepayment penalty, and are typically written for 6-12 months (although we can go out as long as 24 months). The swift and uncomplicated draw process for the rehab funds is a key feature to our rehab loans; this ensures you are able to get in, get the work done quickly and get the property back on the market for a quick sale.

Values for this hard money rehab loan program are typically determined by comps in the area, a site visit and/or an appraisal.

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Other Rehab Lending Programs

We also have other rehab lending programs available to fit your needs. Another program that is very popular is our straight 75% program. This program will fund 75% of the purchase price or ‘as is’ value, whichever is less. It does not include rehab money or interest reserves so you would do the rehab work yourself and make monthly payments on the loan.

The benefits of this program includes flexibility for you with regards to how you want to do the rehab work and cost. This program is less costly than the more aggressive ARV lending programs, plus we are able to defer about half of the costs to the back end of the loan. This mean it costs you less money upfront and out of pocket and you are able to pay a good portion of the loan fees when you sell the property rather than on the initial purchase.

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