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All California Lending specializes in alternative financing for Commercial, residential, rehab, fix & flip, construction completion, land, industrial and other unique property and project types.

We do not make consumer loans secured by residential real estate of 1-4 units, although we do lend on residential property – just not for consumer purposes.

When the banks have told you no and you need to find financing for your real estate project, give us a call.  Typically speaking we can take about ten minutes to discuss your loan scenario and property type and let you know if we are able to help.  Often times we are able to come up with a creative solution that we may not have found if we did not speak.

We specialize in asset based hard money loans.  What this means is that if you own property and there is lendable equity available, we can likely structure a loan for you.  While credit and other aspects of the file do play a role in our loans, the most important aspect is the underlying real estate collateral.  Typically speaking credit issues will not preclude you from obtaining a loan.  Regardless of the issues surrounding your project, give us a call today to discuss the options we may be able to provide.


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