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We can help provide private hard money loans in Stanislaus County. Our hard money loan programs can provide financing for most property types. These loans are not primarily credit driven, but rather based on the equity in the property.  Most of the loans we can help with are interest only, but we do have 30 year, fully amortized term loan options that are ideal for buy and hold investors.

Stanislaus County is located in the Central Valley of California just east of the San Francisco Bay Area, and as such has many desirable characteristics. Due to this, we sometimes have additional flexibility with investors and funding sources for loans in this area. We can help with residential, commercial, land, construction, rehab and most other loan requests secured by real estate in this area.

We can assist with non-traditional and hard money loans throughout Stanislaus County, including the cities of Modesto, Turlock, Ceres, Riverbank, Oakdale, Patterson, Salida, Newman, Waterford, Hughson, and the surrounding areas.

Our loan to value ratios can go as high as 80% on purchase and cash out refinance transactions. In addition, we can help with rehab and construction or construction completion projects. These projects we can use the ‘as complete’ value and can potentially help finance as much as 90% of the cost.

Most of the loans we work on are unique. As such, we specialize in helping finance transactions that others have turned down. We are willing to look at each individual situation and work together to formulate a game plan that will meet the needs of the borrower – as well as make sense for the end investors. Our knowledge of the area can help us provide some creative solutions and options.

We can work with seller carry back situations, blanket loan scenarios, as well as JV partnerships, gap funding and other unique and creative structures.

Give us a call today to discuss your Stanislaus County loan scenario at 877 462 3422. Typically, a ten-minute conversation is all we need to get started. From there we can discuss various options and scenarios and move forward. The paperwork process is swift and uncomplicated, and you will always have a single point of contact to work with.

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