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We are able to help with San Mateo County hard money loans for most property types.  From residential to commercial, mixed use, multi-family – even land, construction and rehab loans – if the deal makes sense, we can likely help secure the funding you need.

San Mateo County Hard Money Loans

San Mateo County is located in the desirable San Francisco Bay Area.  We have many investors located in the region.  Due to this, we are able to provide a wide array of hard money loans.  For lower loan to value transactions, rates can be very competitive in the mid to low single digits.  For more aggressive transactions, we also have access to funding at more aggressive loan to value ratios – as high as 80% on some transactions.

Our hard money loans are typically short term solutions.  In the lending environment today, there are many reasons why bank financing may not be viable for your project in the San Mateo area.  Many of the reasons for a bank turn down are non factors in the private hard money lending world.  For example, a commercial property that is not debt servicing.  This is a scenario where many banks will decline the file.  For our private hard money loans, however, loan to value ratios are the most important aspect.  Even if a property is not debt servicing now, if the loan to value ratio is in line, chances are we can structure a loan.  Utilizing a short term loan to reposition the property, lease it up, increase rents or otherwise restructure to enable the sale or refinance through more traditional means is an ideal usage of the private money we can help with.

While most of our loans are short term, we do also have access to longer term, semi-institutional hard money loans.  These loans can be fixed for up to 30 years.  While rates are not at bank rate levels, they can be quite attractive.  For investors who own properties and have transactions that are falling outside of bank guidelines, a discussion about how we can assist with your funding needs is likely well worth the time spent.

San Mateo County includes some of the more desirable locations in the Bay Area.  We can help with hard money loans in all of these areas.  These cities include Belmont, Brisbane, Burlingame, Daly City, East Palo Alto, Foster City, Half Moon Bay, Menlo Park, Millbrae, Pacifica, Redwood City, San Bruno, San Carlos, San Mateo and South San Francisco.  As a local San Francisco Bay Area firm, we understand the local markets.  Additionally, the local investors, funds and other sources of our hard money loans love making loans on Bay Area property.  Many investors want to be able to drive to a property they make a loan on.  With local funding, oftentimes we can expand the lending criteria or get more creative in order to structure a loan that makes sense.

If you have been searching for funding unsuccessfully, give us a call today.  We have been in the private hard money industry for over a decade and our large pool of funding resources can often help when others cannot.  We can help with San Mateo hard county money loans as well as hard money loans throughout the state of California.


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