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We specialize in Orange County hard money loans.  As a private hard money specialist, we have years of experience.  These years of experience have allowed us to develop relationships with a multitude of funding sources for your financing needs in Orange County – and throughout California.  If you are looking for a private hard money loan in Orange County, give us a call to discuss your scenario.  Typically we can let you know whether we can help with a quick ten minute conversation.

Our hard money loans in Orange County are very flexible.  We can help with most property types.  This includes residential properties as well as commercial properties.  Also, we can help with land loans, construction loans, rehab loans and more.  Any investment property or business purpose transaction secured by real estate can potentially secure one of our hard money loans.  Even unique and special use properties!  The most important factor in the loans we specialize in is lendable equity.  If the property has lendable equity, we likely can structure a loan to meet your needs.

Orange County

Orange County is a very desirable location.  It’s the third most populous county in the state of California, and home to many world renown tourist attractions.  Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Yost Theater, Balboa Island, Mission San Juan Capistrano and more are located in Orange County.  It’s the most densely populated county in California behind only San Francisco and has over 40 miles of beaches and coastline.   Due to this, we have many investors who reside in and around Orange County.  Because many investors like to be able to drive to the property they will lend on, this means we have access to many private money lenders in Orange County to help finance your loan request!

Types of Hard Money Loans

While hard money loans historically have been thought of as loans for only those with horrible credit, today’s hard money loans are much different.  For investors, hard money loans allow leverage that the banks may not be able to provide.  One such example is with regards to fix and flip, or rehab loans.  These loans allow an investor to leverage the after repair value, or ARV, of a property.  For investors with good credit and experience, this can mean a very high leverage point.  Even for investors with not so great credit and little to no experience, these loans allow for excellent leverage.  With this leverage, investors are able to utilize less cash out of pocket on a given transaction.  Rates and terms can very greatly depending on the deal – but if you give us a call we can discuss your scenario, answer your questions and let you know how we can help!

In addition to higher leverage, hard money loans also offer investors the ability to finance properties that are not currently meeting debt service requirements.  Banks typically require a property to debt service the loan through the income the property generates.  Commercial or multi-family properties that have lost tenants, or have had rents fall, can be in danger of their loans being called due – or having a cash call to bring the current DSCR back into line.  In these situations, hard money loans can be a godsend.  Hard money loans for commercial properties do not require a minimum ratio.  Rather, they rely on a loan to value calculation.  Because of this, hard money loans can allow for an owner of a property to refinance, pull some cash out and correct the issue before getting back into another bank loan.  It can also allow an investor to purchase a distressed commercial property that is vacant or not debt servicing, enabling them to reposition it and then sell or refinance with a bank in the future.

There are many reasons a hard money loan in Orange County may be right for you.  Call us today at 877 462 3422 and we will be happy to discuss your options.   We can help with hard money loans throughout Orange County, as well as throughout the state of California.

We can help in all Orange County cities.  Call us today for your hard money loans in:

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Buena Park
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Dana Point
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