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With recent events rattling markets, 30 year fixed mortgage loans are at all time lows.  While we specialize in hard money financing, we have set up a dedicated processing team to help our clients take advantage of this exceptional opportunity.  We work through our wholesale funding channels to be able to offer exceptional pricing, service and fast closings.  Visit our California Low 30 Year Fixed Rate Home Loans page for a no obligation personalized quote.

If your existing home loan carries a rate over 3.5%, it’s worth a phone call to discuss whether it makes sense to refinance now to take advantage of this lending climate.  30 year mortgage rates have never been lower than they are now.  With current guidelines, perfect credit is not required.  Additionally, rates are also historically low for investment properties.

We can help with cash out loans, and have special product pricing available for rate and term transactions.  Call us today, some of the rates we have been quoting even surprise us!

With our streamlined process, you can do everything from the comfort and safety of your own home.  All upfront documents can be submitted electronically.  All disclosure documents can be signed electronically.  Appraisal waivers are even available on some transactions.  Notaries can meet anywhere to sign while staying socially distant – no need to go into an escrow or title office.  Let us show you how easy the process can be.

In addition to 30 year terms, we can also structure loans for custom terms.  So for example, if you only have 24 years left on your loan and simply want a lower payment at a lower rate, we can structure the new term to be a 24 year term.  Pay your home off on the same timeline, but save money each month with these historically low 30 year fixed mortgage loans.

Give us a call today at 877 462 3422 and let us put a custom quote together to meet your needs!

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