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We can help with Contra Costa County hard money loans secured by most types of real estate.  We are located in East Contra Costa County and love working with local clients.  While we are able to assist throughout the state of California, we have many investors and groups that we work with locally.  With a larger pool of funds to draw from, we are often times able to provide creative solutions when required on Contra Costa hard money loans.

Contra Costa County is located East of San Francisco and has many highly desirable areas, offering a wide variety of real estate opportunities.  For residential projects, we have access to some highly aggressive hard money loans.  These loans can go as high as 80% of the value for purchases as well as refinances – even cash out transactions.  Most of these programs are interest only, and often times come with short or no prepayment penalties.  For longer term investors, we can also help with terms fixed for up to 30 years and fully amortized.

On commercial properties, we can help secure hard money lending of up to 75% of value.  With hard money commercial loans, we can assist with properties that debt service as well as those that do not.  We can even help finance vacant commercial properties – for purchases as well as refinance transactions.  These commercial hard money loans are typically fixed for between one and ten years, and can be interest only or can be amortized.  We have a lot of flexibility when structuring a hard money loan, and will always look to meet our clients specific needs.

Hard money land loans in Contra Costa county is another niche we are able to assist with.  Land can be difficult to finance.  Many banks are not financing land.  Neither are many hard money lenders.  We have access to capital to help finance land of most types.  From raw land to fully entitled – both infill as well as acreage.  We have access to some great agricultural land loans in Contra Costa County for income producing land – including wineries.  We can even help finance construction!  Hard money land loans are typically going out at 50% loan to value, with construction funding being based on the completed value.

Hard money rehab loans in Contra Costa County are growing in popularity these days.  With a hard money rehab loan, we can potentially finance most of the acquisition, plus 100% of the rehab costs.  Each rehab deal is a little different, so giving us a call to discuss is typically the best way to get specific details.  Generally speaking, these rehab loans will be based on the after repair value of the property.  Many investors like working in this manner as it allows for additional leverage of their funds.

Regardless of the project, give us a call if you are searching for alternative lending on your real estate transaction.  If the banks have turned you down, if timing is an issue, if you need to leverage a seller carry back situation, utilize equity from additional properties or have any other out of the box situation, it’s worth a conversation to see if we can help with one of our Contra Costa hard money loans.

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