Oakland Hard Money Rehab Loan Funding

This project is a hard money rehab loan in Oakland that we secured funding for.  We were able to secure a loan amount for 75% of the purchase price, while deferring the majority of the fees until the sale of the property (or payoff of the loan). The property was purchased for below market value. […] Continue reading →

Stockton Residential Hard Money Rehab Loan Funded

This property is an entry level residential home in the Stockton area.  It was purchased for below market value with rehab work needed to give it some curb appeal and modernize the interior.  Our client on this transaction has a history of successful rehab projects, and typically has the rehab completed and property back on […] Continue reading →

Central Valley Commercial Rehab Loan Funded

This property located in the Central Valley of California is a commercial property with a little over 4,000 square feet in space.  Our client was able to purchase the property and secure a seller carry back in second position (subordinate to our financing) in order to reduce the amount of cash needed to close. We […] Continue reading →

Oakland Hard Money Commercial Mixed Use Loan Funded

This property is located in Oakland.  The property is commercial mixed use, with 2500 sqft of commercial space downstairs and 2500 of residential space upstairs (2 units, 3 bed/2 bath each unit).  This particular property was in need of major rehab inside.  In many places the interior was down to the studs. Our borrower has […] Continue reading →

Contra Costa Hard Money Commercial Loan Funding

This transaction was comprised of a few different commercial property lots, and included parking lots, storefronts and an autobody shop.  While the property was in a great location, situated right in the middle of a revitalization area, the property was difficult to value due to the lack of comparable sales in the area.  We were […] Continue reading →

Construction Completion Hard Money Loan Funding

This funding was a high end home in the Los Gatos area where the owner/builder needed financing to complete the home.  With our construction completion hard money loan we were able to get him the financing needed at great terms.  Due to the large amount of equity in the home, we were able to secure […] Continue reading →

San Francisco Area Hard Money Purchase Loan

This transaction was the purchase of a single family residence in the San Francisco area.  We were able to secure great terms for our client on this hard money loan transaction, with a rate below 8%, due to the large downpayment that was made on the deal and the location of the property.  We have […] Continue reading →

California Hard Money Land Loan Funding

This transaction was a cross collateralization of two pieces of land here in California.  One parcel was shovel ready with an existing structure that needed to be completely torn down.  The other parcel was raw land.  We were able to secure over $1mm in funding using these two parcels to help our client pay off […] Continue reading →

San Luis Obispo Commercial Hard Money Funding

This is a restaurant in San Luis Obispo County where we were able to help the owner obtain a hard money loan for business expansion.  He needed funds to purchase a liquor license and wanted to move very quickly.  We were able to provide the funds he needed for this purpose very quickly and with […] Continue reading →

Pleasant Hill Hard Money Rehab Loan Funded

This transaction was a rehab loan for a property located in Pleasant Hill.  The investor was able to get the property for below market value due to his relationship with the seller, who was moving out of state.  The property was in need of major rennovations to bring it up to the level of comparable […] Continue reading →