Fresno Hard Money Rehab Loan

This Fresno hard money rehab loan was funded for a long term client of ours.  We have years of experience with this client and he has shown the ability to find a number of hidden gems.  This property is a unique property for the area due to the size of the land and the prescence […] Continue reading →

Santa Cruz Hard Money Loan Funded

This transaction was recently funded for a vacation rental located in Santa Cruz.  The property was great and located right on the beach.  The investor who visited the property loved it and we were able to obtain funding with no trouble for our client at great terms. With banks tightening up their lending standards, many […] Continue reading →

Brentwood Hard Money Lender Funding

Contra Costa County is right in our backyard and as such we are able to offer hard money lending on most property types in this county.  This recent transaction is a Brentwood hard money funding we assisted with.  The property is an investment property and was acquired in the recent past.  Our client purchased the […] Continue reading →

San Jose Hard Money Loan – Condo Purchase

For many of our clients, hard money loans are a way to get into a property for which they cannot qualify for conventional financing.  There are many reasons buyers may be turned down by conventional lenders, and those reasons expand greatly when the purchase is for an investment property.  That was the case on this […] Continue reading →

Contra Costa Hard Money Loans

Being located in Contra Costa County, we love working on local hard money lending projects.  This is one located in West Contra Costa in the city of El Cerrito.  The property is in a great location and has bay views.  Due to the location, we had no difficulty finding an investor for this deal and […] Continue reading →

Lake Tahoe Hard Money Loan Funded

Our investors love the Lake Tahoe area.  We can help with hard money loans from Lake Tahoe (both North and South Shore), Truckee, Grass Valley and all the way down to Sacramento and beyond.  Lake Tahoe is a unique area, and it is important to work with people who are familiar with the area and […] Continue reading →

Imperial County Hard Money Loan Funded

This transaction was an Imperial County hard money loan that we helped obtain funding for.  The property was owned by our client with an equity partner.  They were acquiring additional property and were in need of financing to pull cash out of this property in order to close on a new purchase. We were able […] Continue reading →

Monterey Hard Money Loan Funded

Monterey County is a great area, and one where we have many investors who love to make loans.  This transaction was secured by a fantastic looking home in Carmel.  Our client was in need of business capital and we were able to secure some very attractive terms for him based on the property location and […] Continue reading →

Southern California Construction Completion Loan Funded

Our clients found a great deal on a home where construction was started but never completed.  The permits needed to be renewed and paid, and the existing structure consisted of only the frame, but our clients had experience in construction and have successfully completed deals with our lenders in the past so everyone was very […] Continue reading →