Placer County Hard Money Loans Funded

Placer County hard money loans funded!  We can help with your hard money loan request on properties in Placer county, as well as throughout the state of California.  This recent Placer County hard money loan we were able to help with was a unique loan request.  We were able to meet the borrowers request with […] Continue reading →

San Bernardino Hard Money Loans For Rental Property

We offer San Bernardino hard money loans for rental property.  On this transaction we were able to assist a client looking for cash out on a rental property owned free and clear.  The cash out was to address some business debts as well as to invest in new machinery to increase their business income level. […] Continue reading →

Fremont Hard Money Second Loans Funded

This transaction was a business purpose loan to help our client expand her business.   We were able to help her obtain the funds required by making a hard money second loan on her property located in Fremont California.  Time was of the essence in this transaction, and we were able to complete the process […] Continue reading →

Los Altos Private Hard Money Loan

This recent Los Altos private hard money loan funding was a great property and scenario.  Our client was in need of funding to further improve the subject property as well as to invest in other real estate projects.  The property was recently converted from a long term rental to a short term rental, utilizing Air […] Continue reading →

Los Angeles Cash Out Hard Money Loan

This recent funding was a Los Angeles cash out hard money loan transaction.  The client had purchased the property earlier in the year with a substantial down payment with the goal of rehabbing and reselling the property.  After the property was acquired the tenant did not want to leave, choosing to stay for the full […] Continue reading →

Huntington Park Multi-family Hard Money Loans

We can help with multi-family hard money loans in Huntington Park and the surrounding areas.  This particular transaction was one that fell out through traditional channels.  The transaction was brought to me needing to close at terms better than average for hard money lenders. The borrower had good credit and the property was generating income, […] Continue reading →

Contra Costa Cross Collateral Hard Money Loan Funded

The hard money loans we work with here in California are equity based loans, meaning the loan amount is based on the equity in the property.  Often times clients are in need of more money than our loan to value ratios permit on their single property.  In these situations we can often times solve the […] Continue reading →

Oakland Hard Money Construction Completion Project Funded

This transaction was a hard money loan for construction completion in Oakland for a property that was down to the studs on the interior.  Our client had years of construction experience as well as the financial backing of his construction company.  We were able to secure the financing required quickly to allow him to close […] Continue reading →