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Pasadena Commercial Hard Money Second Funded

This transaction was a short term Pasadena commercial hard money second that we funded.  The borrower had the property on the market, but needed cash to continue business operations and pay taxes.  We were able to assist with a hard money second – leaving their existing first in place – allowing them to access the cash required while not having to refinance the existing debt on the building.

The property was unique, and had been on the market for a little while when we were contacted.  The property was an auto dealership with auto body repair services.  Many lenders do not like to lend on these types of properties – especially in second position.

Our commercial hard money second allowed our clients to keep the property on the market, maintain their business and pay debts that were a priority.  Maintaining the business was important to the sale, and being able to access cash while the property was on the market was a big benefit to our hard money loan.  In addition, with the property being on the market our clients did not want a prepayment penalty.  We were able to structure this loan with no prepayment penalty.

Typically speaking, our hard money seconds are shot term loans.  Usually 12-24 months, although longer terms are possible.  They are typically interest only, and we can secure most property types, with the exception of raw land, in a second position.  If the loan to value is good, we can also go in third or even fourth position should the transaction require.

For more information about what we can offer, visit our main California hard money loans page.  If you are in need of a hard money second or third, give us a call to discuss your scenario.  You can reach us at 877 462 3422.  Usually we are able to let you know if we can potentially help with a short ten minute conversation.

Oakland Hard Money Loan Funding to 80% LTV

This recent Oakland hard money loan funding to 80% LTV closed with cash out for property improvements.  We were able to help our client with an aggressive, short term loan for property improvements with no fund control account for the work to be done. This property is located in Oakland.  Our client owned this investment […] Continue reading →

California Hard Money Seconds

Our California hard money seconds are short term loans, secured in second (sometimes even third) position.  These hard money seconds are one option for those looking to tap the equity in a property without having to refinance the existing loans.  For many with low interest rate existing bank loans, this is important. Utilizing one of […] Continue reading →

Sacramento Hard Money Rehab Loan Fundings

At All California Lending, we specialize in California hard money loans.  This recent funding was for a Sacramento hard money rehab loan. This transaction was a major rehab project in Sacramento.  Our client had experience, although that is not required, and had a nice looking profit margin on this project.  Our hard money rehab loan […] Continue reading →

Sacramento Commercial Hard Money Loan Funded

We are able to help with hard money loans throughout the state of California.  This recent Sacramento commercial hard money loan was funded for a client needing to close quickly on the acquisition of a strip mall.  Our client had the property locked up with multiple offers behind him.  We were able to put together […] Continue reading →

Marin Hard Money Construction Loans

We can help facilitate Marin hard money construction loans.  Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Marin is one of the more desirable locations.  While the location is highly desirable, new construction can be a challenge to get local approval for.  We have experience working with construction loans in Marin and understand many of the […] Continue reading →

San Francisco Hard Money Second Loans

We are able to help with San Francisco hard money second loans. These are loans that are secured in a second position, allowing our clients to keep their existing loan while accessing the equity in their property. These San Francisco hard money seconds are ideal for investors who have a great bank loan on the […] Continue reading →

Truckee Hard Money Loans – Construction Completion Funding

All California Lending is able to help with non bank financing throughout the state of California.  We can help secure funding for most locations, including Truckee hard money loans.  This recent funding was a Truckee hard money construction loan.  We were able to assist with funding to secure the purchase, construction and interest reserves for […] Continue reading →

Placer County Hard Money Loans Funded

Placer County hard money loans funded!  We can help with your hard money loan request on properties in Placer county, as well as throughout the state of California.  This recent Placer County hard money loan we were able to help with was a unique loan request.  We were able to meet the borrowers request with […] Continue reading →